I have foy and encarnacion.

any other suggestions?
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Maybe connetta ?
can he jump Castillo since they did not meet at county tourney?

Khodaparast as eastern states champ would think he has good shot as well 


Respect is Earned NOT Given
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McCusker has a shot, Franco, Lopez, Conetta, possibly Antonio George, and 99 is a crapshoot, but alot of section points may get Clem there.
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My predictions:
Kevin Lopez
Isaiah Jackson
Josiah Encarnacion (DEFINITE)
Anthony Connetta
Killian Foy (DEFINITE)
Tom Szilagyi
Max Yahre 
Jack McCusker 
Nicholas Franco
Sam Khodorap[ast (DEEFINITE)
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I think George has a shot.  I’m thinking 10 total.
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I see all the wildcards. Why are there 17 kids in some brackets and 16 in others?
why was there a wildcard given to a wrestler who did not place in their sectional
tournament. I am asking out of my own curiosity. I am not judging anyone or the 
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