I am very curious to see which team in Section 8 rises to the top.  The last 3 years, prior to the start of the season,  there was always a clear favorite; Long Beach 3 years ago, Wantagh 2 years ago & Massapequa last year.  This year I feel like there really is no clearly dominant team.  If I had to venture a guess, I would lean towards Wantagh.  Awesome program with great coaches & kids.  I am sure Massapequa & Long Beach will be tough as well.  I would include MacArthur in that group too.  Lastly, I have noticed Baldwin & Manhasset have steadily gotten better.  I would be great to see them make a move.  I would like to see what some of you think.
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I agree, Wantagh is favorite right now. I think MacArthur will have a big year.

1. Wantagh 2. Massapequa 3. MacArthur 4. LB 5. Manhasset

a number of teams fit into the 6-10 spot. Perhaps Freeport, Westbury, Uniondale, Farmingdale, 
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10 top County tourny scoring form last season and what they lost due to
i know we are talking dual meets but seems teams on dual list are usually near tops of tournament scoring as well 

Massapequa 335.0 minus 8 all county 

Wantagh 186.5 minus 2 all county 

Uniondale 163.0 minus 4 All county 

Long Beach 157.5 minus 2 All county 

Mepham 117.0 minus 3 All county 

Manhasset 113.5 lost no All county to graduation 

MacArthur 104.0 lost no All county to graduation 

Freeport 94.0 lost no All county to graduation 

Farmingdale 92.5 minus 1 All county 

North Shore 88.0 minus 2 All county 
Respect is Earned NOT Given
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Looking at 132nomore’s post from a slightly different angle thanks to Trackwrestling and an Excel spreadsheet.

Took a look at number returning county qualifiers / returning county tournament points from last year by team. 

Did not look at every team in county, only top teams and teams that seemed to have a relatively large number of returning county qualifiers from last year that the returning county qualifiers  scored more than 40/50 points in last years county tournament.

Teams with more than 10 returning county qualifiers

Massapequa- 14 returning county qualifiers / 127 returning county tournament points 

Wantagh- 12/127

Long Beach- 12/108.5

Manhasset- 13/98.5

MacArthur- 12/92* 

Uniondale- 13/53

East Meadow- 10/53

Plainedge- 12/41

* Has a roster addition this year from Catholic school that would most likely have scored 15-20+ points in last year's tournament


Teams with less than 10 returning county qualifiers.

Westbury- 4/53

Farmingdale- 7/47.5

Division- 7/46.5

Glen Cove- 6/69

Freeport- 7/61

Mepham- 6/58


There are probably other teams with more points than North Shore and Baldwin, but I included them since they were previously mentioned.

North Shore- 5/21.5

Baldwin- 6/19

Eric Maquet
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That's an awesome way to analyze the coming dual meet & tournament season - thanks for sharing!
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