Dynamic Wrestling Academy is growing! Now we need more coaches to assist, develop, and train Long Island wrestlers from the ground up. Learn the Dynamic system and help Turn Underdogs into Champions!

Please email WrestleDynamic@gmail.com with your credentials.
My mission over the next several years is to accurately rate all wrestlers in the United States and form a complete hierarchy of skill. This data will be incredibly useful for organizing our sport. Further information can be found at http://www.WellRunTournaments.com

~Jason Layton
516 996 9922

Jason Layton is a collegiate All-American wrestler.  He is the owner and head technician of the Dynamic Wrestling Academy located in Deer Park. He works with wrestlers of all ages and abilities. Learn more about our program at http://www.WrestleDynamic.com

Jason is also a tournament director and the creator of the WAR Zone rapid pairing software. You can learn more at http://www.WellRunTournaments.com
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